The Voice Season 7 Fantasy League Team: MY Top 12! (Day One)

So I am not the biggest sports fan in the whole world. I love watching hockey and I keep up with baseball and also some football. When I saw that people actually did a Fantasy League for The Voice, which is usually done for football, I was like finally something that I could actually be good at. I like to think I have a good ear for music, and usually every year the people who I say will be in the final 5 or so usually are the ones who are still going strong in the competition.

With tonight being the first night of the battle rounds I thought I would do my own team of 12 and see how far each one goes. This is also a way I can start blogging again on a regular basis 🙂 So here is my Top 12, and some added honorable mentions (it is a really great season of talent this year, so I kind of did a Top 12 list with an additional 3 honorable mentions). To help with this decision I also reviewed their Youtube channels and any other music they have out their. A few of them have albums which some of them are genius and awesome. I use to base their talent on their backstories and I was so young and did not really think lol So now when I watch I have sympathy and empathy for their stories, however for me to fully “judge” their performance I listen to their stories, pause for five/ten minutes get that out of my system and listen to their voice. So happy I am out of that stage of “backstory mind control” lol. So do you agree or disagree with my choices? I guess we will have to watch and see how far they will go in this competition!

Top 12:

Team Adam:
1. Beth Spangler, for her audition she sang Beyonce’s, “Best Thing I Never Had” and she received a four chain turn. She had terrific runs throughout the song and to be honest, I am such a sucker when it comes to people singing runs. I just cannot get enough of them. The thing I liked about her using runs was she did not over do them. There are a lot of times when we find singers over-doing their runs and putting them in unnecessary spots, but she knew where to place them in her song and she really took this Beyonce’ hit and made it her own. And I love how she like dug into that song too, she did not just stand there and sing it, she in better terms, “SANG” it. She has the voice that will inspire others and also impact others. She is someone to watch out for and I hope she goes far in the competition because I believe she has a lot of potential.

2. Chris Jamison, for his audition he sang John Mayer’s hit, “Gravity” and he also received a four chair turn. He has an amazing tone to his voice and his falsetto is killer. But his tone is probably the best thing about this artist. I am going to be 100% honest and say I am not a fan of the John Mayer song, however this version that Jamison did was very impressive and actually made me not mind the song too much. Overall, I feel like Chris Jamison has a lot of potential and I cannot wait to see what he has to offer America next during the battle rounds. I feel like out of all of the artists this season, I connect with Chris because his story about feeling like second best to the other people, well I can definitely relate to that and I hope this competition will grow his confidence.

3. Rebekah Samarin, for her audition she sang Joni Mitchell’s song, “A Case of You” and she received a two chair turn, which I think is ridiculous. On the show, they only showed a clip of her and that was disappointing because I ended up buying her single on iTunes that night and I love her voice. It reminds me a lot like Caroline Pennell from Season 5 of The Voice, but just a little bit stronger. Just the way she delivered the notes and made it just seem so easy and effortless, it was like a dream lol. But seriously I hope she makes it somewhat far in the competition because I feel like it could use someone like her, someone who has power, but knows how to restrict it as well to make it this simple and subtle, yet beautiful voice.

4. Jonathan Wyndham, for his audition he sang A Great Big World’s smash hit, “Say Something” and he received a four chair turn, which I think he deserved. You could tell he was so nervous, if you watch his audition you can see how badly his hands were shaking. Which mine would be to if I was in his shoes. I love this song, so I am a little bias because anyone who sings this song I most likely will end up favoring. But I like the subtle changes he made to notes and some of the words choices he added in the song. He is battling Chris Jamison, who is also on my top 12 as you may have noticed, so my hope is that one of them gets a coach’s steal. However, if neither one of them gets the steal my hope is for Jonathan to stay. My only reason for that is when it comes down between the two I feel like Jonathan really has the gift of connecting with a song and finding the emotion that then makes the audience and everyone who listens to him feel the emotional connection as well. I feel like that is important to emotionally connect with a song, which I feel he has. But also, Chris Jamison has an incredible vocal tone which is unbelievable. So I wish they were one person so then they would have it all. But I really think Jonathan has the possibility to really go far in this competition. His voice is the kind that inspires and makes people feel. Also, just the fact this is the guy who is trying to visit every Cracker Barrel in America is amazing, I love Cracker Barrel!

Team Blake:
1. James David Carter, for his audition he sang Tony Rich’s song, “Nobody Knows” and received a four chair turn and I believe he deserved it. He was praised for his audition and received an amazing comment that I agreed with 100% and that was, “You are the best country vocalist they have ever had on The Voice.” When he started to sing I was blown away because it sounded so professional and I seriously thought it was someone famous who was already a huge country superstar. His tone and his voice are just incredible and I cannot say enough how much I love this guy’s voice. He is THE VOICE, for country music for most definitely. He I hope will go super far in this competition. I saw some previews for his upcoming battle round and I hate that Blake decided to put his two strongest country music male vocalists together, but I hope this guy comes out on top. If anything I just hope he gets a huge career after this show, because he definitely deserves it.

2. Reagan James, for her audition she sang Ed Sheeran’s song, “Give Me Love” which earned her a two chair turn. Her take on this song was beautiful and I feel like for only being 15, yes FIFTEEN years old she is far beyond her years. Her range and her falsetto is beyond beautiful. She took this song and made it this lullaby that just wrapped itself around you and made you feel just a warm embrace. Weird phrasing, but yeah lol But she took this song that has been done on the show before and made me just forget about those other versions and even Ed Sheeran’s version, which I love, but her take on this hit was just beautiful and I hope she can grow in this competition so she can go far and hopefully be in the finals.

3. Kensington Moore, for her audition she sang OneRepublic’s song, “Love Runs Out” and received a one chair turn, which I think she deserved maybe one or two more, but I am glad she is with Blake Shelton’s team. Now this is one of my favorite songs right now and when Josh Kaufman did this song last season on The Voice my hands just went up in the air and was like I’m done this is the winner (even though I was a HUGE Christina Grimmies fan). So when they showed Moore’s clip of her audition I was like she is really good. I could hear a little country “twang” in her voice which I love. I don’t know what her specific genre of music is, but country music could definitely be a possibility for her. Her runs were great and I think Blake can really help her with finding herself musically. I think that her voice is just so unique and that when you hear her, you will know it is her. Her voice is so powerful and I cannot wait to see what she does in the Battle Rounds. She has this total kick-butt power that I think will get her far. I hope her voice continues to grow throughout the competition because her voice is amazing and I hope it just continues to amaze America.

4. John Martin, for his audition he sang Tommy Roe’s song, “Sweet Pea” which earned him a three chair turn, which I think he deserved a full four chair turn. I am a little biased, just a little bit because he attended the same college that I currently attend, Greenville College. I think his voice is really great and I liked the laid-back performance, it was something simple, yet fantastic. Usually when it is the blind auditions they are these big power ballads, “sappy” songs, or something along those lines and I like how he picked a song that fit his vocal style and I really appreciate that because that is when you know you found an artist compared to just being a singer. My hope that his song choices are something that are not typically done on these reality shows and I hope that he just keeps doing something original and different. Something that stuck out for me was his falsetto, which he is very solid at. I hope he can go far in this competition and not just be someone who gets sent home early because I think this he could really win this whole thing. His tone and just the way he sings it just makes the listener feel something, which I think is a very important part of music. But, seriously his tone is so on spot and I cannot wait to see his battle round!

Team Gwen:
1. Amanda Lee Peers, for her audition she sang ZZ Ward’s song, “Put the Gun Down” and she only received a one chair turn, which is totally beyond RIDICULOUS! She has an amazing stage presence and I loved her choice of song. Now I was not familiar with the song choice, so it was all new to me and I absolutely loved it. She is probably the only one I can see winning on Team Gwen, minus my second pick from Team Gwen. I think she is a rocker, yet she has the musical ability to do a lot of different things. I just loved how funky this song choice was and her delivery of the song was brilliant. I mean when she was getting into the song, I was with her and head grooving and just all that jazz. She has so much potential and I hope she will go far in the competition.

2. Jean Kelley, for her audition she sang Kelly Clarkson’s hit song, “Already Gone” and received a two chair turn. I think this girl has a lot of potential in the competition. I am interested to see her battle round because according to the clips I have seen she will be performing the Destiny Child’s hit song, “Survivor” which seems to be a total flip for this artist. The thing I like about Jean Kelley is her emotional connection with the material. She makes it believable and really come to life like she has lived it and felt it. She also has killer runs which again I am a sucker for. I think she has a real possible shot to win the competition. The notes that she changed in the Kelly Clarkson song were surprising because I was not expecting it which was really nice. Those kind of surprises I am okay with, the surprises where the singer is about to change a note or something and it ends up sounding like a dying cat is when I am like “No thank-you”. I think her falsetto is also very beautiful and I think she has so much potential in the competition.

Team Pharrell:
1. Ricky Manning, for his audition sang John Newman’s song, “Love Me Again” which got him a two chair turn, which I think his performance should have gotten him at least a three chair, but at the same time I think his nerves got to him as well, but I personally would have gone with more than just two chairs. I like the note changes he did during the song, I feel like he has a lot of power that we have not seen yet. I have listened to a lot of his SoundCloud and Youtube music which I found to be great. If you go to his SoundCloud, give a listen to his rendition of “Clarity” originally by Zedd because it is beyond brilliant, I love his rendition, it is my favorite cover of that song. I think once he gets his nerves under control he can be fantastic and definitely be a contender to win the competition, so I have to cut him some slack because I mean who the heck wouldn’t be nervous at that point. He did runs that I think were brilliant and I love runs as you may have guessed so when I sing a song I add runs, but he did runs in places I never thought of placing them and he was brilliant at them. I also like the kind of grit that he has when he sings, I did not notice it at first, but once you play it back a couple of times you hear it and are like, “That is so good.” I feel like out of all the artists on the show this season, I can personally connect with this artist’s style of music because it is similar to mine and how I perform, so I really hope this guy can make it farther in the competition because I think he could seriously be the underdog this season. I loved the comment that Blake Shelton gave because I connected with it and that was, “I like how invested you are in what you are singing, you got something in here (inside/heart) that you want everybody to hear and music is your way of doing that.” I loved it when he said that because as I sat there watching this guy perform, I saw myself in a way and gave me this fight/this hope that I will one day make it. Like I said Ricky Manning is an amazing vocalist and an even better artist. I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things he will hopefully do this season.

2. Taylor Phelan, for his audition he sang The Neighbourhood’s hit, “Sweater Weather” and received a four chair turn, which I think was rightfully given. So I have been a fan of his music for a while, I bought his album back in 2013 and have loved it so when I saw he was going to be on The Voice this season I was so excited. His tone is perfect, I am not the hugest fan of the song, but he made me love this song. The way he can get those notes out as fast as he did is fantastic. He has so much power in his voice and I think he could definitely win this competition this season. He is seriously that good! I do not have any negatives about this guy because like I said he is seriously that good at what he does and I hope he wins not only his battle in these upcoming weeks, but I hope he gets through to America’s votes.

Now as I have said this season has been full of talented people, so of course I had to do an honorable mention because I was stuck picking my 12th spot between four other contestants/artists.

Team Adam:
1. Clara Hong, for her audition she sang Rickie Lee Jones’ song, “Chuck E’s in Love”, which earned her a three chair turn. I like her quirkiness and just her uniqueness. She is like one of those singers who I feel like can be a caterpillar that you expect to turn into a butterfly, but she will come out as a dragon. She has this smooth tone and just a beautiful voice. I think her song choice is so unique and different that I was like just YES! I hope she can stand out in the competition and hopefully go far.

Team Blake:
1. Fernanda Bosch, for her audition she sang Macy Gray’s song, “I Try” landed her a two chair turn, which at that point of the competition there were only a few spots left on a few teams so it pretty much was just as good as a four chair turn in my opinion. Her voice is so heavenly and so raspy, and yet it is not. I know that may not make a whole lot of sense, but in my head it does lol. Her voice just moves you and it also makes you want to sway. You feel what she is singing and for being 17 years old it is very impressive, I never had that at my age and I am very jealous. All of these younger singers are just so talented and I think this girl has a lot of raw potential that I think will come to her advantage. She is such an incredible artist and I feel like she knows who she is as a vocalist, which is nice.

Team Pharrell:
1. DaNica Shirley, she sang Jessie J’s song, “Big White Room” and she received a three chair turn. Her voice is spectacular and I feel like she is a pure powerhouse. She has a voice that can blow your mind into another dimension. She has a tone that is just heavenly and angelic. She can do runs that could make the world’s best run singer jealous beyond all can be. She is just the Queen of Runs this season based on her audition. She also has a killer falsetto which will help her when it comes to her battle. I have seen a preview and I think it will be a battle to remember! She is so special and I hope she can go far, not going to lie her story got to me and she is a working mother just trying to make her dream a reality and I just hope she can go far this season because she is an incredible talent.

Like I said I think this season is full of amazing talent, and I guess we will just have to sit back and watch with the rest of the country to see who gets crowned The Voice of season 7.


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