The Voice Season 7, Fantasy League (Day 2): And Then There Were 10

So tonight was the first night of the Battle Rounds on The Voice. Although very excellent performances were given, I was not all there with some of the coaches’ opinions, but in the end it is their teams and they must have seen something that I did not.

So….. In the beginning i started off with 12 artists. Tonight I lost two, I almost lost three but luckily she got the steal. I will go into details with that one later on.

Two of my Top 12 picks were chosen to battle against one another, which I was like this is going to be a great battle round, but I hope one would get the steal. Which sadly the coaches did not use their steal this time around. Of course I am talking about Team Adam’s Chris Jamison and Jonathan Wyndman. They sang Bruno Mar’s song, “Young Girls” which I was not too familiar with the song. I recognized it, but I was not too familiar with it so usually when it came on the radio I switched to a different station only because I was not a big fan of the song. Now I have so much respect for Bruno Mars and his music, I love his music I just was not the biggest fan of that particular song. But anyways, back to The Voice. So they sang this song and I actually liked their rendition of the song, a lot. It was very good. And Adam made a comment that I appreciated and that was towards Jonathan, about how there is a difference between singing with emotion and having a connection with a song, then there is a person who becomes overwhelmed by the song and lets it take control over the person. Which I really liked because I feel like I have that same problem at times as well. This battle was really good, was it my favorite of all time? No, but it was very good. I am sad that Jonathan did not win, or get a steal from another coach because I think he could have gone far in this competition. I am happy Chris made it, but Jonathan would have been my first choice. But I can see Chris really growing in this competition and his falsetto is still so dang impressive.

The next battle with one of my top 12 members, Amanda Lee Peers and she faced off against Taylor John Williams, who was not in my top 12, but I think he is a good vocalist. They sang the Dolly Parton classic, “Jolene” which has been done by numerous bands and artists. I loved this battle, I think Amanda brought her best to the table and I felt her passion when she was singing. I thought Taylor was good, but I think since I am more of a fan of Amanda’s I am just a little more bias there. I am so disappointed and upset that she did not get the steal, honestly I feel like she won that battle. For me she won that battle and I am just sad she will not be moving on in the competition.

Tonight was also the battle between my top 12 artist, James David Carter and he was battling against former Team Blake member (he was stolen and is now on Team Gwen), Craig Wayne Boyd. Together they performed the Pat Green hit, “Wave on Wave” and they did so well on this song that I never heard of and I am a huge country music fan. I feel like these two worked oh so well together and I was super impressed by this battle. It did not even feel like a battle, it was more like I was watching their show, I just completely forgot about the fact there was a winner and a loser at the end. Well, in this case there was no loser. I felt like they really complimented each other and it was just so impressive and it was simple, yet amazing. I was really captivated by this performance. I am happy that James won this battle, I cannot wait to see what he does next!

For the last member of my top 12, Jean Kelley was battling Sugar Jones, together they performed Destiny Child’s smash hit, “Survivor” and they killed it. Honestly, I would have gave that round to Sugar Jones. She was not in my original top 12 and I have my reasons it mostly had to do with her audition, but she totally rocked it out tonight, I became a fan. But, Jean I feel like really stepped out of her comfort zone and brought her all to this amazing performance. I loved every minute of that battle round, to be far there were some notes that they each had that were not the best sounding notes, BUT I still feel like it was a powerful battle, that was just full of angst that this song really does need. Either way I am happy that they are both moving on in the competition.

Now, even though these two were not in my top 12, the powerful, bringing down the house battle of Paul McCartney’s hit, “Maybe I’m Amazed” that was between Luke Wade and Griffin. When they showed their pre-battle package I was not too excited for it, but then Alicia Keys made them change it to like this Aretha Franklin style version that they made up on the spot and BLEW MY MIND! There was so much power and fight in those two, that made me think this was one of the best battle rounds I have ever seen. I was so impressed with this and was just I literally jumped out of my seat and was yelling at the television! It was spectacular and I am was so happy that both of them made it through to the Knockout Rounds.

And again, even though neither of these two were in my top 12, the battle of Alicia Key’s greatest number one hit, “If I Ain’t Got You” which was performed by Maiya Sykes and Elyjuh Rene’ was stellar. Their voices together were like so powerful and strong that I was surprised the roof did not come falling down on the place. I was sad to see Maiya go because she was one of my favorites from the beginning with her rendition of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and I did not remember Elyjuh to be honest, but now I think with the tools he is learning he could be one to watch out for.

To conclude the evening, the coaches need to possibly slow down on the amount of steals they are using. I only say that because they are just starting and they are already going through them like a Black Friday Christmas sale. I think the steals have been used in the past anyways very wrong and not well thought out, so I hope that they will use them wisely. I think tonight the two that were used correctly were for Jean Kelley and Griffin. I was not very understanding about the Craig Boyd steal, but that is just my opinion. So here is where the night leaves us and tomorrow night is a new night of Battle Rounds.

So where does tonight leave my Fantasy League?

Team Adam: Beth Spangler, Chris Jamison, and Rebekah Samarin

Team Blake:James David Carter, John Martin, Reagan James, and Kensington Moore

Team Gwen: None

Team Pharrell: Jean Kelley, Ricky Manning, and Taylor Phelan

We will see where tomorrow’s Battle Rounds leave us.


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