The Voice Season 7, Fantasy League (Day 3): The Night of Disappointment, and a Little Happiness

So tonight was Round 2 of the Battle Rounds of The Voice and I am going to be completely honest with you, my readers. After they showed the fast clips of two of the Battles that I was personally really looking forward to tonight, I kind of just threw my hands up in the air and turned it off. I still love The Voice, do not get me wrong, but seriously you have to admit there are times during this show, or even other favorite television shows you watch that once something stupid happens that makes you frustrated you turn it off or walk away. So yeah…..

Tonight three of my final 10 (it originally was 12 but Jonathan Wyndham and Amanda Lee Peers were sent home last night) were scheduled to battle tonight. Out of the three, NBC only showed one of their battles. So we will start off the night with Mr. Taylor Phelan. Along side Taylor Phelan, was pop artist, Jordy Searcy and they performed The Script’s hit single, “Breakeven” which I thought was absolutely incredible and my personal favorite of the evening. Each of them stepped up to the plate this evening and brought something new to the song, in my opinion. I loved Taylor’s voice on this and I just felt so much coming from this performance. Even though, Jordy was not in my Top 12 he killed it tonight as well which left me really divided because I am a huge Taylor Phelan fan, but Jordy was quite incredible and brought such power from within. However, I did give the edge to Taylor because I felt more of a connection, emotionally with the song and made me feel something. I was stunned to see that none of the coaches stole Jordy, like I said last night they should not have gone through 3 of the 8 steals on the first night. Now they are being just plan stingy with it because some great talent escaped through the cracks tonight. With that said, the coaches know what is good, so I have to somewhat trust they know what they are doing, but at the same time I wish I could be in their shoes. Overall, I am very happy and thrilled that Taylor Phelan will be moving forward in the competition because I think he is first class and I think he has the potential and the raw talent to win this season.

Now this person was not on my Top 12 “draft pick” list, however I did love his audition choice of “Lego House” which is originally by Ed Sheeran, I even bought his single on iTunes which I have to say Joe Kirk has incredible vocal chops. His runs are unbelievable and I wish I could do what he does when he sings runs on a song. I thought Alessandra Castronovo, who Joe was paired up against, did rather well as well on the Rihanna (featuring Mikky Ekko) hit, “Stay”, but I personally preferred Joe Kirk on the duet. I felt more of a connection with his parts of the song, rather than Alessandra’s and again his runs and his voice is seriously incredible. I feel like an idiot because I did not have him in my Top 12 to begin with, but I felt so bad for him and was again stunned that he got so much great feedback and comments like, “You won that battle for me” and yet no coach chose to steal him. Honestly it is their loss because Joe Kirk I feel could have gone really far in the competition.

Now we come to the part of the evening that left me feeling nothing but disappointment and frustration with The Voice. When I found out that two of my favorites in the competition were going to be doing their Battle Round tonight that was all I could think about and it made me very happy throughout the day because I knew I would finally get to see some great talent tonight. However, tonight was not the case for that. They ended up going right on pass both Rebekah Samarin and John Martin’s Battle Rounds. I am so happy that Rebekah is moving forward in the competition, however it would have been nice getting to hear her and Clara Hong’s rendition of Carol King’s song, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” which is one of my all time favorite songs because it is such a beautifully written song. I wish I could have seen that Battle Round because the iTunes version of it is beautiful and I would have loved to see it tonight and see why she beat Clara and hear feedback from the judges. Same with John Martin, he was paired up against Grant Ganzer and together they were given the OneRepublic number one hit, “Stop and Stare” which is one of my favorite songs as well and the iTunes version I am not going to lie, I thought Grant’s voice was very nice and I even bought his audition single when they first showed him, however I preferred John Martin’s voice on the OneRepublic song. It was just so nice to listen to and it would have helped to see the full Battle Round because I want to know why Grant Ganzer beat out John Martin. I think they are both very talented artists, I just want to know why were they given that song and how did they stand up to one another on battle night. Is that too much to ask for? I think NOT!

That is pretty much all I have to say about this episode of The Voice. It left me disappointed and that is sad because I could not even really feel happy that Taylor Phelan and Rebekah Samarin won their battles, it kind of left me feeling a little bitter. Like why the rush!?!?!?! Oh well, this is my blog for the evening and I will see y’all right back here next week. But before I sign off and click the “Publish” button here is where my team stands in the competition.

Team Adam: Beth Spangler, Chris Jamison, and Rebekah Samarin

Team Blake:James David Carter, Reagan James, and Kensington Moore

Team Gwen: None

Team Pharrell: Jean Kelley, Ricky Manning, and Taylor Phelan

Which brings our new total to: 9

The ones who have fallen and left far before their time: Jonathan Wyndman (10/13/14), Amanda Lee Peers (10/13/14), and John Martin (10/14/14)

The one who was lucky enough to be saved/stolen: Jean Kelley, originally on Team Gwen and now on Team Pharrell

Farewell my readers, see you back here next Monday and Tuesday!


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