My Music Journey….. Part One

I do not know if I have mentioned anywhere on my blogs thus far that I am somewhat musically talented.
I so did not mean for that to sound at all arrogant so please do not think that 🙂

Anyways, I have been singing for a long time, ever since I was a little kid I mean we were forced to sing in school and eventually I started getting noticed for having a voice, so then I joined the elementary choir and ended up getting solos and recognition for being a good singer. Honestly though I did not think much of it, I mean as a kid you do not really think a whole lot into those kind of things, at least me. But I honestly did not realize how much I wanted to sing for a career until the first season of American Idol premiered. I remember going around and telling people that I was going to be on that show one day. So imagine me, about 9 years old being like yeah when I get older I want to be on American Idol. Anyways, so that is kind of how that all started. It was not til about my sophomore year of high school that I started taking music more seriously. That was the year I started my YouTube account and I also was planning on taking Music Theory my junior year of high school, and man was that a rough semester. If anything it made me realize that I would not be going into college being a music major. Music has always been a part of me and as years go on the more and more special it becomes to me because it is something special. I want my music to inspire and impact people, like music has done for me. I will not go into too great of detail about it because I will write about my experiences in later blogs, but to get y’all on the edge of your seats or at least grab your attention a little bit more, I have auditioned for The X Factor (3 times via. Online Submissions), The Voice (I did a live audition in St. Louis back in the Summer of 2013), and I have auditioned for American Idol (2 Online Submissions and 1 live audition in front of producers this past Summer). Yeah, exciting stuff that I never in a million years could have ever expected to come true, at least to audition. I plan on talking about each experience in an upcoming blog so be on the look out for those. This blog is just explaining a little bit of what my music journey has been and basically as you stay tuned and continue reading these blogs you will see a real journey from a child singing in the car and in the shower to someone who has auditioned for reality singing competition show, someone who has over 34,000 views on YouTube, someone who has recorded in a studio and man was that awesome, and someone who has overcome fears of performing and done weekly sets in front of a crowd. That is what I am going to share with you all, between writing about The Voice I will also be sharing my life. My life is only beginning and I cannot wait to see where it will take me.

I decided I would also in this blog post a link that will bring you to one of my most recent YouTube covers. The song is “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us” which is originally by Stuart Townend. It is one of my most favorite worship songs and I hope you enjoy it and continue to read my blogs. I really cannot thank y’all enough and I thank you for reading. Next blog should be posted within the next week or so whether that be a blog about The Voice or My Voice or Just Life In General!


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