The Voice Season 7, Fantasy League (Day 6): The Knockout Round I Have Been Waiting For! #KnockoutsContinue

So…… I originally wrote a blog on this evening’s episode of The Voice, however WordPress decided to get rid of it and now I have to restart. I hope my original content comes to mind as I type, but maybe this is just a sign that this is the blog that should have been published to begin with!

Tonight only one of my Top 11 contestants were knocking it out during the second night of Knockout Rounds. That artist was, Ricky Manning. With that being said tonight’s episode was just too good to not write about all three Knockout Rounds because tonight’s episode was brilliant.

To kick off the episode was the Knockout Round between Troy Richie and Taylor John Williams. Troy Richie was the stand out for me this evening. He have one of the best Knockout Round performances in The Voice history. His rendition of “Hey Ya” by OutKast was BRILLIANT! It had been out of my seat, moving and grooving along and just going CRAZY! I have watched The Voice every season since it first aired and I have a very visual memory of every season. Nothing and I mean NOTHING compared to his performance. That was full of energy and just brilliance. I was crushed when he did not make it through to the Live Rounds. Here is my one thing about that, I feel like as genius as his performance was, it was not the right time for it. That type of performance is one that you would see on the Live Rounds. That type of performance got the crowd involved and had audiences at home probably just as enthused and involved as the audience at in the place where The Voice is taped! He seriously blew the ROOF OFF THE PLACE! But like I was saying, that type of performance is the performance that gets America and viewers to vote. I feel like he gets beyond an A for effort because he succeeded. But from Knockout Rounds history, it is usually the performances that are more heartfelt and more emotional that make it through. So I would say maybe he should not have done that at that particular time, but then again if he was to do a different song and went home, we would not have gotten the chance to witness that! So there is no right or wrong here when it came to that performance, minus the fact he did not make it through. Taylor John Williams sang “Mad World” by Tears for Fears and my mind immediately goes back to Season 8 of American Idol when Adam Lambert sang this. He made that song his by the end and no one since has made me feel the way when I first heard his rendition of the song. However, Taylor did a very good job on the song, I felt his emotional connection with it and really felt everything he was singing. I was very impressed by this performance because I have not been the biggest fan of his up to this point, but this changed a lot. I feel like the more he continues on, the better he is becoming. When it was time for me to declare who I thought should have moved on, it was dead set in the middle. Here is why, Taylor John Williams gave a solid vocal performance, he brought the emotion and the vocal ability. While Troy Richie gave THE performance, he brought the energy and the excitement that is not really ever shown during the Knockout Rounds. So it was a straight dead cut through the middle. I could not be mad at the winner, because either one deserved it and I wish Troy the best of luck because that talent should NOT go to waste.

Mia Pfirrman and Alessandra Castronovo were the next two up to knock it out! Mia almost had my vote based on the song choice. Christina Perri is one of my favorite artists because she has such powerful and moving songs that are so simple. “Human” is a beautiful song that I love to pieces and connect with so well and when I heard Mia was singing that, I was like excited! Mia has not been in my category of favorites this season. But she brought her A game tonight I believe that. She was very subtle with the verse in the beginning and it gave me chills. It was until she got to the beginning of the chorus where she lost me a little bit because for me it got a little nasally, but she quickly gained control back over it and belted that out which was powerful and gave me even more chills. I could not believe it, it was just a beautiful moment that I think worked in her favor, I mean she did win it. However, with ALL that being said, Alessandra, who I felt has been the underdog of the competition stepped up to the plate and attacked “Next to Me” by Emeli Sande’. To me it was like they took the coaches’ favorite and took the competition’s underdog and was like let’s see what happens. However, Alessandra killed that song, which is not a song I really enjoy all that much, but she brought it to a new level for me and those notes she hit made it look FLAWLESS and EFFORTLESS to her. She has a range that is beautiful and spectacular. She proved tonight she has what it takes and I think she has an amazing career ahead of her because a voice like that deserves to be noticed. “Next to Me” to me felt like a song that was made for her, she made that song better in my opinion and I was just blown away. When it came down to who should win, I gave the slight edge to Alessandra because I just loved every second she sang, every note was perfect. But I also think Mia has improved sooooo much since the Blind Auditions and I think she will continue to surprise me throughout this competition.

LAST KNOCKOUT ROUND of the evening, Ricky Manning and Elyjuh Rene’. My one comment on Elyjuh is his control is amazing. Like, every note is like he is hand-carrying it and placing it where it needs to go. Like it is crazy-good! And his facial expressions are always on, they are never off. With that said, I just did not like the song choice. I am not a Chris Brown fan at all, yet with that being said I liked Elyjuh’s take on the song and I thought he did the song well, I did not see anything wrong with it, but at the same time I did not feel anything from it. With Ricky’s performance of “Wrecking Ball” I was super impressed by everything. First off, the arrangement was sick (like the good kind of sick) it was simple and yet it had every bit of emotion that one could feel. I loved the fact Ricky decided to sing a ballad for this round because we have seen him being this superb power vocalist with runs that could last for days. This gave him an advantage because it was a side we have not seen before and I loved the subtle-ness to this performance. I like how he also did not do a whole lot of crazy runs and blast us with his powerful voice. He gave us an emotional and simple (in the best way possible) performance, it made me feel like I was getting hit in the face by a “wrecking ball” no pun intended lol. He seriously made this song, his own it was no where close to the original, to me it was like night and day. Now we know what Ricky can do and I think he is going to excel hopefully in the Live Shows because he has the potential to win, I think he came in as an underdog and every week he is just progressing and projecting up and up! When it came down to who I thought should win, I went with Ricky and when Pharrell said, Elyjuh I was shocked! I was speechless and just at lost for all words. Yelling was not even coming to me at the time. So when Gwen pressed her button to STEAL Ricky, then shouting decided to come to my lips and I was ecstatic because I feel like Ricky deserved another chance to not only show the coaches, but also America what he has to offer.

That is my recap for this evening and that is a WRAP! Tune in next week for the Knockout Rounds Part 3!


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