The Voice Season 7, Fantasy League: Special Blog, Power Rankings of My Top 11

I have been updating my team every week in no particular order. I feel like now as there is one more Knockout Round left, or two, things are going to be getting real, REALLY REAL during the Live Shows. So here is where my Top 11 stand. I decided that I would not use my last STEAL because I was torn between two artist. Those were Bryana Salaz and Mia Pffirrman. Both have grown so much in the short time they have been in the competition, however I could not choose between the two and I decided that my Top 11 were strong enough and I have confidence in those eleven individuals. So down below you will see how my Top 11 measure up in my book. Not saying any are weaker than the other, but overall this is just by who are my favorites and who I hope to win the competition overall. They have stayed in the competition this long and I am so pumped for them all and now tonight I analyze and order them out.

11. Reagan James (Team Blake), she was on my original list for this Fantasy League. I loved her rendition of “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran, I listen to it a lot on my iPod. With that being said I do not think she really stood out for me as much in her Battle Round. I am interested to see how she does in the Knockout Rounds, but I do not know. Her voice is just so soft and yet powerful at the same time, it shocks me. Her audition song, it just gave me chills because it was haunting and just beautiful. She did well during her Battle Round, don’t get me wrong I just felt more from Kensington Moore, the girl that she was battling.

10. Allison Bray (Team Blake), she was one of the first STEALS I used because I saw potential. I still see potential, I just think out of all the contestants left on Blake’s Team I don’t know how far her Country vocal will go compared to people like James David Carter. I think she has power and also a reserved side, but we will see. She took Kacey Musgrave’s “Merry Go Round” and to me she kept it the same, but with a song like that there isn’t much you can change and I love that she kept it simple and made it a clean (as in clear, crisp) performance. Then you had her sing “Sparks Fly” for her Battle Round which required her to step it up a little but and add power and stage presence, which I believe she most definitely stepped up to the plate.

9. Damien (Team Adam), he was my most recent STEAL from last week and I feel like he is an amazing vocalist. I just feel with the people who are left, I do not know how he will stand out. I think his rendition of “How Do I Live” from last night was emotionally brilliant, however I do not know how far that will get him. I appreciate the fact he was able to show his “rock” side during the Battle Rounds, because then we were able to see him out of his comfort zone. I just feel like as great as he is, there are some who are greater, but that is in my opinion. To me he is not as memorable to say the least.

8. Rebekah Samarin (Team Adam), she has been my favorite ever since I bought her iTunes version of “A Case of You”. I HATE that The Voice has not shown her at ALL, minus a few clips, but seriously they have not shown her FULL audition or Battle Round. I feel like because of that she might get cut, which makes me sad because it is NOT her fault. I wish I could have seen her Battle at least. I have listened to her iTunes songs multiple times and I love them to death. I love the type of artist she is and I love the tone of her voice. I just wish they would show her already! Who knows maybe she will be one of the surprises who wins and makes it to Live Rounds, but I don’t know, the lack of showing her makes me nervous.

7. Chris Jamison (Team Adam), I liked him since the Blind Auditions. He made me like the song, “Gravity” by John Mayer, which is not a song I particularly enjoy. I think he showed a lot of potential during his Blind Audition and I felt like during his Battle Round, I did not get a sense of who he was artist wise, which set him back a little for me, but I still love the tone of his voice. It is so good, like it is crazy good. I think since I haven’t got to see his Knockout Round yet, that is why he is placed as 7th, but who knows it can definitely change.

6. Jean Kelley (Team Pharrell), she has such an impressive range. The notes that she can hit are incredible. I was happy that she got a STEAL during the Battle Rounds. I am even more excited that she will be singing “Chandelier” by Sia for her Knockout Round performance. I think she has done very well during her time on The Voice. Her Blind Audition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” was very touching and very special. I loved how she changed some of the notes around and played with it, it worked for me and I loved her Battle Round of Destiny Child’s “Survivor” that was out of her comfort zone I bet and she killed it! I cannot wait to see how far she goes in the competition because I think she is one to definitely watch out for.

5. Beth Spangler (Team Gwen), I think Beth has an incredible, powerful voice that is one to be reckoned with. She blew me away in the Blind Auditions and I think she has this range that is killer and her runs are insane. She spoke out during her Battle Round about being very ill and how her voice was being a challenge that week, I felt for her because I feel like she is incredible and I hope during her Knockout Round she can SLAY it just like she did during the Blind Auditions. I think she has a lot of potential if she gets her hands on the RIGHT song. I still feel like she has a Country twang in her voice, so if she ever does something a little Country I will be like, YES!

4. James David Carter (Team Blake), he in my opinion is the best Country vocalist who has graced The Voice stage in seven years. He has the voice that just fits in so well and it already sounds polished and so professional. He is someone that could be on the radio charts today if he had the right direction and management. I love how subtle he is and yet he has power, I believe that he does we just have not seen it. I love his takes on songs, like you expect certain things, but then he makes it his own, which is even better than what you would expect. I hope he goes far in the competition because he is the definition of a Country Male Vocalist.

3. DaNica Shirey (Team Pharrell), she is one heck of a powerhouse. She would be under the definition if the dictionary had pictures. The runs that she can hit and do, her Blind Audition is a perfect example of that, she just nails EVERY note she attempts and it is so good. Then you get her having this power moment during her Battle Round and slayed, and I mean SLAYED that Beyonce song. She is a true professional and I love how she handles herself. She then took an even bigger risk by singing Whitney Houston this week for her Knockout Round performance and KILLED THAT SONG! I think she is seriously the woman to BEAT!

2/1. Taylor Phelan (Team Adam) and Ricky Manning (Team Gwen), these two were definitely tied for me when it came to 2nd and 1st rank. I think they are definitely the ones to beat at least male category wise. I feel like Taylor Phelan delivers every time he performs and I have been a fan of his music for a year and a half now, I bought his album early last year and have loved it and his music ever since. When I saw he was on The Voice this season I freaked out! His Blind audition still gets played over and over again on my iPod, which I loved his arrangement of the song, “Sweater Weather” because I particularly do not like the original, but Taylor’s version I LOVE! Then he showed his emotion during, “Breakeven” which is a rangy song if you ask me, it goes from low to notes that are up and above. So when you are trying to sing a song and have it have range like that while trying to emote the lyrics, it is a challenge and I thought he did a BRILLIANT job. Then last night he sang a song I had no clue what it was and he could have told me it was his original song and I would have believed it. I was grooving along with that performance and I loved that he took a risk by not playing guitar this week because I think it worked to his favor because he was able to work the stage and interact more with the crowd. I love the tone of his voice so much, like if you were to listen to his voice on the radio or somewhere, you would be able to pick it out and be like that is Taylor Phelan. I love his voice so much and I think he is one of the best in the competition. Now with Ricky, y’all know I love his voice. His runs got me during his Blind Audition, the fact he took a song that already has a lot of killer runs in it, and added his own twist and runs to it made me like that song even more and I cannot listen to the original anymore because it just doesn’t add up to Ricky’s. He not only showed his run magic, but he also showed his power, which he has a lot of and I was not expecting. Which is probably why I relate to him the most. Then when he was battling in the Battle Rounds he had this boost of confidence and “swagger” for a better word (which by the way, people who know me know I hate that word, but I had no other words come to mind) but, no he had this new confidence that he hasn’t shown and it was great. And again he used his magic with runs to his advantage and made that song his and NO ONE ELSES. And lastly, you take tonight where he showed his softer side and totally crushed a Miley Cyrus song. He showed restraint and control and also captivated us with emotion, which he has not done yet. I loved this version of “Wrecking Ball”, like the arrangement was CRAZY-GOOD! So yeah, these two are different, but yet they are tied for my Top 2!

So yeah, that is my power-ranking of my Top 11 for The Voice Season 7, Fantasy League 2014.
As the show progresses, it most likely will change, but for now here is where they all stand in my book!

Feel free to disagree, but this is what my ears and soul agree on at the moment 🙂


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