Day One: Your Favorite Song (November 1, 2014)

Day One: Your Favorite Song

Looking at all of the different topics during this 30 Day Song Challenge this has got to be the hardest category of them ALL.

I mean seriously, think about it how many times do we say, “THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!” A LOT! Am I right? If I was to sit here and list EVERY single one of my favorite songs we would be here for many many years! So how am I suppose to choose? Each song that I claim to be my “favorite” each holds a special place in my life, each song brings a different emotion or memory that I refuse to give up. So as I am writing this right now I am still thinking what should be my favorite song. There are so many great songs that are geniusly  written and there are such great artists who I claim to be my favorites, so seriously how am I suppose to choose? There is only one way for me to settle this and that is by picking a favorite song from my favorite: female artist, male artist, duo, and group/band. Yes, I realize that is somewhat cheating, but I don’t care it is not like the music police are going to come after me if I decide  to do this challenge like this! lol So here we go readers here is my favorite song from each category.

Female Artist:

Human by Christina Perri (Runner Ups: “I’m A Survivor” by Reba McEntire and “You Make Me Brave” by Amanda Cook)

So this category was super difficult because I have a lot of songs that I claim to be my favorite by female artists. Carrie Underwood for instance who is one of my all time favorite vocalist isn’t even on this list and that doesn’t mean that she has terrible songs, it just means there are so many good songs out there in the world. I decided to make “Human” by Christina Perri by favorite song by a female artist because it is a song that is not only powerful, but impactful/meaningful. I remember when this song first aired on the radio and I remember hearing it and just being silent and it was actually a really bad day too and I just started to cry. The lyrics of this song are beautifully written and I love Christina Perri’s music because it is almost so simple and yet it is so powerful. She is a brilliant artist and this song is proof of that. I just love how this song makes it okay to feel like even when we fail it is okay because we all fail because we are ALL human. No matter how hard we try to be “perfect” we are never going to measure up to what we want because perfection doesn’t exist, we can try to strive for perfection, but most likely we are going to fail. If we give our best, we have to believe that our best is good enough.

Male Artist:

“Invisible” by Hunter Hayes (Runner Up: “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz and “All of The Stars”  by Ed Sheeran)

Hunter Hayes is one of my biggest musical influences and I actually get to go see him in concert on the 20th of this month! When this song came out I literally loved every second of it. I remember because Hunter Hayes performed this live at the Grammy’s in early 2014. I connected with it so much and I remember I searched iTunes for it until I found it a few hours later when it was released. This was one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve heard since Allison Iraheta released “Scars” and this song has the same effect to me. People are always criticizing and watching us waiting for us to screw up somewhere and it is hard when people put us down. This song is basically a beacon of hope for those who have felt like an outcast or felt “invisible”. Hunter gave interview after interview about what this song meant to him and basically like why he wrote it and it is powerful stuff. I love songs that become a force of light for those who can’t see beyond the dark. I just love this song it is literally in my Top 10 songs of ALL TIME!


“Defying Gravity” by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth (Runner Up: “Say Something” by A Great Big World and “Glass” by Thompson Sqaure and “Stay” by Sugarland)

I didn’t even have to think twice with this one because this is the best song to end an act in ANY Broadway show in my opinion. This song is the epitome of powerful. When I first heard this song, you can best believe that it was a song that was repeated over and over again on my iPod and I could not believe a song this great had been written. It is not only captivating, but it strong. The notes that Idina Menzel hits during this song is crazy good and it just is a spectacular song that is not going to be forgotten anytime soon.


“Done” by The Band Perry (Runner Ups: “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts and “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic)

I picked this because when I thought band, The Band Perry came right into my head and their song “Done” is literally my car jam! Whenever that song plays I crank up the volume and roll down my windows and sing at the top of my lungs. It is a kickin’ song that is full of angst and I love how The Band Perry performs this live. It is so full of energy and power it is ridiculous how great  it is. I love that it isn’t like your typical “break-up” song where it just leaves you feeling worst about yourself, NO it is like in your face and like “WHAT, YEAH, WHAT!!!” This is seriously one of those songs that is great for working out because it gets you motivated and PUMPED! This is why I love Country music because it does not hold back and it is just so freaking good!


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