Day Four: A Song That Makes You Sad (November 4, 2014)

Day Four: A Song That Makes You Sad

As I was thinking about this there was quite a few songs I listen to that make me quite sad.

But there is one song that makes me sadder than any other song out there, “If I Had Only Known” by Reba McEntire.

Runners Up:

“A Little Bit Stronger” by Sara Evans

“I Almost Do” by Taylor Swift

“I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton

The song, “If I Had Only Known” is an older song that Reba McEntire released when her band died in a horrific plane crash. I just heard this song over the summer of 2014 and I absolutely felt so much emotion just overtake my body and it was ridiculous because it felt like my entire body went into a shock. I have never heard a song that has done something like that before. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for Reba to record this song in the moment of all that happening. As I am typing I am remembering the performance that Lea Michelle gave when Cory Monteith passed away, her rendition of “Make You Feel My Love” that was painful to watch because it was so hard to watch that because I could just feel everything she was feeling, so I will add that to the songs that make me sad. But yeah, these songs are beautifully simple song sung by passionate artists and I just love these songs because they make the listener feel something.


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