Day Seven: A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event (November 7, 2014)

Day Seven:  A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

The song that I decided to choose for this category was a tough one. I love, absolutely love music so trying to remember a song that could have gone with or that was playing during a certain event is tricky. Then after an hour of thinking I decided to go with the first song that I performed live in front of a crowd, during my freshmen year of college.

“Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon is the first song that my Rock Ensemble band learned for the semester long class. To explain for those who do not know what Rock Ensemble is, it is a semester long class where you get put into a rock band and perform once a week. There were five bands total my first semester and man I was nervous. The first day of introductions we all had to go around and introduce ourselves and I was last to go and I remember all the people before me were music majors and audio engineering majors. Then they get to me and I say “I am a Social Work major” and I just felt the pressure because it for me was like, why was I even there? I mean I was in a room full of musical talent that I was intimidated by and these were people I looked up to as musical geniuses. So when the following week came for us to perform, I can tell y’all I have never been so nervous in my life because I just felt like there was extra pressure because I was not a music major like the rest of my classmates. I just wanted out of the whole thing to be accepted and respected as a musician. Getting up to the microphone and introducing us as a band for the first time I remember just this fear that took over my body and I stumbled over my words, I remember that.  I kept thinking, these people are probably thinking who is this idiot rambling on? Then I started to sing and I could tell in the audience that something changed, I felt like they were watching me because I got their attention and that they may have liked me. Then after the performance it is common for them to give critiques and I remember the professor, the talented and pretty much famous, Jorge Casas telling me, “I think you are majoring in the wrong major.” I remember feeling honored by that and as the semester went on I just kept feeling more and more confident and I loved every week that I got to perform on that stage because it was somewhere that I felt like I was pursuing my dream. I think one of my best moments was getting feedback from my peers because it was mostly all positive and it just left me feeling like I belonged and I need to be doing this. Something that really got me feeling like this is what I am meant to do is when the professor the semester after the class was over for one of his critiques to another band he mentioned to them about how their stage presence needed some work and asked them if they knew who I was, ME (LIKE WHAT?!?!?!) because apparently I knew a lot about stage presence and that just BLEW ME AWAY because I never thought of myself like that and I was just speechless and I felt honored. This was an amazing experience for me that I will never forget because I was so blessed to have had this experience to work with an actual band and just perform every week.

If you would like to check out this performance the links are down below.

1st performance:

Final Concert (3 months later):


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