The Voice Season 7, Fantasy League (Day 8): Live Rounds BEGIN!

Tonight is I am going to be 100% honest, The Voice tonight left me a little bored, I sat in a room with my usual group of people and we always get so into it and we stop and listen to their performances, like we stop whatever it is we are doing to listen. However tonight was not the case, there were a few stand out performances for me, however I found myself a lot of the time just talking or doing other things, which is sad because I look forward to The Voice when it comes on every week.

So tonight both Adam and Blake’s teams were up for America’s votes. 5 of the 10 that went this evening are in my Fantasy League team, however with that being said out of tonight’s performances the ones that left me excited were 4 out of 10 performances and only 2 of those performances were done by my “team”. With that being said after re-watching all the performances I came to the conclusion that the 4 out of 10 performances that I really liked, went up half (5 out of 10).

Let’s review, tonight I am not going over every performance, just my “team” and the others who were not on my team and now I am wondering why I did not choose them.

Favorite performance of the night was done by Taylor Phelan. I loved that Adam was like let’s go back a little to your audition and do something like that, to the time when we first fell in love with this voice. “Cool Kids”  is a song by Echosmith and I am not a fan of this song, never have been it just is not a song I enjoy. HOWEVER, I loved Taylor’s voice on it, it was just perfect and it made me really like the song. I even bought it tonight on iTunes. At first when he started I was nervous because when people wear their guitars instead of play them it makes me wonder why it is there, and then he came to it and it was like, oh…. that is why and that is why this performance is GREAT! I never was that way before until last season of The Voice when Bria Kelly wore her guitar for quite a few performances and honestly only played it for 5 seconds or something. But back to Taylor, I really like this guy’s voice and I hope America will put him through into the Top 12 because he deserves it in my opinion. His voice is amazing and I would buy his album in a hot second! He has so much potential and seriously is her does not make it through I seriously might just stop watching for a little bit because I will be ticked off to the fullest.

Runner Up for favorite performance (which in all honesty is almost a tie) has to go to Jessie Pitts who is not on my “team” but after last week when she killed the Elton John song, “Your Song” I should have put her on my team because I love that rendition of “Holding Out For A Hero” by Bonnie Taylor. it was so reminiscent to Ella Mae Bowen’s rendition from the 2011 Footloose soundtrack, here is her rendition which is haunting: But yeah, Jessie has such a haunting voice it is just perfect for a song like this because it is in her wheelhouse which is this acoustic-y indie/pop voice. I love her voice and I wish I would have put her on my “team” to begin with because she is progressively getting better each and every week. What she did to this song is literally beautiful and like I said haunting because it just sinks right into your soul. I thinks he has potential to go far, on a negative note there was one point in her performance where she tried to go for this note and it was almost perfect, it was a little under the note, but honestly what she did for the rest of this performance I did not even care because she got my vote and I bought her song on iTunes.

Someone that I had to re-watch their performance to really like it was Chris Jamison, who did a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” which when I saw he was doing this song I was like okay he is stepping out of his comfort zone, but it is just a hard song in my opinion and I was not really liking it as much as I wish I would have when I first watched it. The thing I liked was the fact I could tell his stage presence and confidence has grown and just shot up from where he first started. I think he is only going to get better and better, which is great to see on a show like The Voice because you can see growth and you can see that they are taking it in and that they really want to work hard and improve and get better. After re-watching it, it was not as bad as I thought I think the song itself is just a challenge and I give him props for that, he has that falsetto range that make people go nuts or think about Justin Timberlake, but he has something special that I think people are noticing and I hope he at least stays this week because he at least took a risk and I think he should be rewarded for it because it was done well, really well.

As consistent as always, James David Carter did a song by Garth Brooks called, “Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House” and I am a HUGE Garth Brooks fan, I really love his music and I think James David doing a Garth Brooks song was perfection. His voice just suits Country music and he needs to be in this industry of Country music, or just music in general because he has such a perfection/professional-ness to his voice already and it is ready to go to the radios and the charts because he is seriously that good. I think if there was any critique that I would give it would be to switch it up a little, do a really great ballad, or doing something really up tempo because when you stick in this middle ranged tempo songs they are great, but then you are confined to this box and I don’t want to see him get stuck in this box.

The next artist that I wanted to commend this week was Craig Wayne Boyd and he did “Some Kind of Wonderful” by Soul Brother Six. Craig Wayne was not in my “team” and I did not really like his performances all that much, I thought he was good I just did not see something that was super great and something that stood out. I feel like tonight he really brought everything to the table and I loved it. His voice is so distinctive and I just loved every second of it because it was fun to watch. There were not a whole lot of fun performances, and by fun I mean up-tempo/energetic but he brought it and I was really rocking along to it.

The two artist who I did not really enjoy all that much who are on my “team” were Reagan James and Damien. Reagan James’ rendition of  Colbie Caillat’s “Try” was just all over the place for me. I love that song to pieces and I just did not get it, I thought she tried way too hard to make it something different. I appreciate her attempt to make it her own and not stay in the box because she is not that kind of artist, however I did not like the way she talked out most of the lyrics. She also went a little sharp in a few tiny places that were a little cringe-ish however it just did not do anything for me, I did not feel what this song usually makes me feel and I was so excited to see her perform tonight it was just not my favorite from her. I think her overall has done an amazing body of work that I think should carry her through because one night shouldn’t determine someone’s potential because she has done so amazing, phenomenal even. And with Damien, I like his voice a lot, except now I am becoming a little bored because I know what to expect almost from him and it isn’t bad at all, it just isn’t amazing, like WOW. When he did the “Knock on Wood” song for his battle I saw something that was so special and when he auditioned I saw it, but as the weeks are going by I just see him losing something or getting stuck in this little rut, it isn’t bad sounding at all, he is always so on key and it is great, but this rut is just boring and predictable. I know he can do something great, but I am just waiting for it.

Taylor Phelan and Jessie Pitts (11/10/14)

Two of the best iTunes recordings of the night!

So that is my recap of those from tonight.Tomorrow 4 of the remaining artists from my “team” (Ricky Manning, Jean Kelley, Bryana Salaz, and DaNica Shirey) will be performing LIVE and I cannot wait for it. After that on Wednesday will be the results and that is when I will be doing the full scale of who is left and what order they are ranked. I cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode.


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