Day 12 – A Song From A Band You Hate (November 12, 2014)

Day 12 – A Song From A Band You Hate

There are not really any artists or bands that I necessarily “hate” because hate is a rather harsh and strong word. But, if I had think of a band that I dislike and pick a song from them I would probably go ahead and pick “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line and now I realize that they are more of a duo than a band, but I seriously cannot come up with anything right now. I think their song, “Dirt” is really good, however I just do not like their music and I just think that they are kind of over-rated in a sense. I respect their artistry and I think what they do is fun and gets the crowds all riled-up, however it just is not what I would prefer to listen too. The song is way overplayed and it just I don’t know, when it came out I was not a fan and usually when it comes to songs like that I tend to like them after the hype is all gone, however this song was not the case. I just do not think it is the best song in the world and if I had to I would not listen to it, and I don’t.


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