Day 15: A Song That Describes You (November 15, 2014)

Day 15: A Song That Describes You

This was probably my hardest challenge so far. I seriously could not think of a song. I literally spent 2 hours just listening to songs that I thought could describe me and then I don’t know I came across this song I am about to tell y’all about and it just clicked. Before this song I was going to go with another song, but I felt like that just described me in the moment I am currently in and then I found this song and was like this is me, not just now, but always has been almost. So with that being said I picked, “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood is probably one of my all-time favorite artists on the planet. Her music is just so good and almost every track on all her albums are just so amazingly incredible. I cannot get enough of her music, I cannot remember a time when I did not love her music, I mean believe it or not it has been a decade of me listening to her music. WOW, time sure does go by super-fast, I mean it doesn’t feel like 10 years have gone by since she won American Idol.

Anyways, so like I said I chose the song, “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood and I feel like the reason that led me to choose it is the connection I get when I listen to it. This song is more along the lines of her religious background and how Christ has made an impact in her life and I feel the same way because being a Christian I believe in God and I believe that baptism is an important aspect of Christianity. But this song I feel like can connect with a wide variety of people because everyone is on their own walk of life and I feel like this song can connect with people and reach them. The lyrics that get me the most and just feel right are these right here, “Then it hit me like a lightning late one night. I was all out of hope and all out of fight. Couldn’t fight back the tears so I fell on my knees saying, “God, if you’re there come and rescue me.” Felt love pouring down from above, got washed in the water, washed in the blood and now I’m changed. And now I’m stronger. There must be something in the water. Oh, there must be something in the water And now I’m singing along to amazing grace. Can’t nobody wipe this smile off my face. Got joy in my heart, angels on my side. Thank God almighty, I saw the light! Gonna look ahead, no turning back. Live every day, give it all that I have. Trust in someone bigger than me. Ever since the day that I believed I am changed and now I’m stronger. “

I feel it is important living out my faith and taking every blessing and opportunity that God has given me to really reach out and with everything I do just make sure it is pleasing to Christ. Being at a Christian college it is easy to get in this bubble in a sense because it is this safe atmosphere where almost everyone is a Christian, not everyone but a wide variety are. And it is easy when we are there and it is our job in a sense when we leave that “bubble” to make sure we are still doing everything we can to please God even when we are not around that community we are so use too. I just really can connect with this song and that is why I chose it as the song that describes me.


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