Day 16: A Song That You Used to Love But Now Hate (November 16, 2014)

Day 16: A Song That You Used to Love But Now Hate

I don’t really hate any songs that I loved, I honestly if anything get tired of them until I like them again. And the only song I can think of at the moment is a song that I originally did not like all that much, until I listened to it again and just loved it. Which led to me putting it on replay until it became my #1 most listened to song on Spotify and also iTunes. The song I am referring to is, “River Bank” by Brad Paisley. 

I really just loved the fun aspect this song brings and the groove of it is killer. It isn’t like the best song you will ever hear in your life, but it is a rather fun song to listen to, especially for those who like to go boating or even floating. The thing that gets me the most with this song is the groove, I just love how it flows. But after listening to it for hours and hours in such a small period of time, it got tiring and it just did not excite me anymore. So it has been about 2 months, and I am finally able to listen to it again without it annoying me.

There is not really a favorite lyric for me, because it all is just fun. The music video is where it is at though, I love the water skiing squirrel, that was just icing on the cake for me.


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