Day 17: A Song That You Hear Often on the Radio (November 17, 2014)

Day 17: A Song That You Hear Often on the Radio

I listen to the radio A LOT. My old car only had a radio it did not have those fancy cd players or iPod hook-up things, so the radio was my companion in all my car rides (unless someone was in the car with me lol). So today in the time we are in I have a newer car that allows me to play cds and plug in my iPod, which is totally new and crazy for me, it has only been a week since I have had this car and it feels like it has been forever since I drove my old car. Anyways so today I turned on the radio and I tried to find songs that were repeats and how many times they were repeated. The song that I chose, which I really enjoy is by a duo, a new duo who made their mark in the Country music industry with their single, “Girl In A Country Song” by Maddie and Tae.¬†

Later in the summer I went to this place called Wild Country and they were performing there. It was literally the day before their single hit radio stations and they made their television debuts. So literally I had no idea who they were, I honestly thought they were locals just performing. It was not until the next day that I realized they were on the same label as Taylor Swift and literally after that night they just took over by storm. I kept hearing their name pop up everywhere and their single just was blowing up. While I watching them perform I thought they were really great, I loved their harmonies and their vocals were just so on point. They recently released their debut EP and it is absolutely worth every cent because it is so good. I would recommend it to everyone who loves music because it is seriously so good. It has been a while since a strong girl duo or performer has taken over Country music in a while, so I believe that they are bringing their A game and I cannot wait to see where this will take them.

Maddie and Tae Wild Country

Maddie and Tae performing at Wild Country back in August I believe.


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