The Voice Season 7, Fantasy League (Day 11): Sorry to Say It But It Was An Eh…. Kind of Night.

Not going to lie I am so out of it right now, I still love The Voice, don’t get me wrong but was it just me or was tonight’s episode just a little lack-luster/boring? Between some really outdated song choices and just not great vocals and with the coaches basically just commenting on their looks and how that seems to be more important than vocals, it just was not a great night for The Voice in my opinion.

There were four stand outs for me tonight and with that being said, only 2 of those performances are a part of my Fantasy League team. For me, a lot of the performances and the voices just seem to mesh together, people who stood out vocally and brought something different have gone off the show and it is sad because The Voice is NOT boring, but tonight’s episode had me in and out doing other things.

The four who impressed me tonight were Chris Jamison & Da’Nica Shirey (on my Fantasy League team) and Luke Wade & Jessie Pitts.

Chris Jamison was the highlight of the evening. Hands down, that performance had me really impressed and it got me to pay attention to the television for the entire performance. He sang the livin’ daylights out of “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. Which by the way the Gospel version of that song which is on Youtube is freaking INCREDIBLE so go check that out. But seriously this just grabbed my attention and I was just so impressed by this. I was nervous at first because there are some high notes in that song, but then once he hit them I was like “OKAY, GO AHEAD” because I forget sometimes just how powerful his falsetto is and it is so powerful.

Jessie Pitts I thought did a beautiful job with her rendition of “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia. Like it was a little haunting and yet it was just beautiful. I thought there were a few slight moments when I was like “ooohhhh eh…..” but there was not many moments of the song where I was like that. I think she did really well, I was impressed. I still don’t know why I did not put her in my Fantasy League team, but I wish I did because she is one of the most consistent artists on the show.

Da’Nica Shirey I really enjoyed tonight. The thing I did not enjoy as much because it was distracting was those big ol’ fans behind her that were just there. They were not moving anything or making it awesome, they were just there and it was awkward almost. It took away the brilliance that was her performance. I was loving her vocals, I literally when I went back to listen to it, I turned off the screen and just listened to it.

Finally, Luke Wade did a brilliant job on Ed Sheeran’s song, “Thinking Out Loud”. I love that song, it is one of my favorite songs right now. So I was really impressed by Luke, I have not been a huge fan of his, but lately he has impressed me a lot so I was really rooting for him tonight.

Honestly, right now I have 4 artists left, I have Chris Jamison & Damien from Team Adam, Reagan James from Team Blake, and Da’NIca Shirey from Team Pharrell. At this moment I am really only impressed by two and that is Chris and Da’Nica. Damien and Reagan are both amazing, but lately they have not blown me away. I think in the beginning they had my attention, but lately I have not been impressed. I have been super impressed with Jessie Pitts and I wish I would have picked her because she is the underdog for me right now and I just think the perfect Top 3 would be Chris Jamison, Da’Nica Shirey, and Jessie Pitts.


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