Day 24 : A Song That You Want To Play at Your Funeral (November 25, 2014)

Day 24 : A Song That You Want To Play at Your Funeral

I kind of hate to think about this already, but I mean one never knows in life when something will happen. I dislike this challenge, which is why I actually am a day behind, but I will be posting the other one that is for today right after this blog post. So the song that I decided on was Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar nominated song, “Coming Home” from the film Country Strong. I really love this song, I always have ever since the film came out back in 2010.

I just really love the message of the song how it is coming home to something greater, a place where the pain and the hurt won’t find you anymore because you are in a better place, better than Earth could ever provide. I just love the lyrics in this entire song, the ones that get me the most are:

“Well they say it’s where the heart is and I guess the hardest part is. When your heart is broken and you’re lost out in the great wide open. Looking for a map, for finding your way back. To where you belong. Oh well that’s where I belong. Home, the world tried to break me I found a road to take me.  Home, there ain’t nothing but a blue sky now. After all of my running I’m finally coming… Home.”

I mean to me that just says it all and if I was to pass away I would like this song to be played somewhere in my wedding.


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