Happy New Years 2015!!!

Happy New Years!

2014 has been a really good year, while also being one of my most challenging years. I have learned a lot and by that I mean I have learned a lot about myself and about music and just life in general. Musically I have learned a lot this year. I started incorporating piano into my Youtube covers, no longer were they just me singing, but now they show more diversity and variety in what I can offer as a musician. I have been exploring different genres and styles of music as well, by not just doing a straight forward cover, but making the songs I choose my own and putting my own stamp on a song. I auditioned for American Idol back in August which was an amazing opportunity for me and it is something that really made me feel like this is what I am meant to do and even though I did not make it to the judges, I did make it to Round 2 in the audition rounds and that is farther than I have made before. I have auditioned for The Voice twice now, American Idol three times, and The X Factor three times as well and hopefully if things go as planned I hope to re-audition for The Voice in February. I want to take every opportunity that I can and really go for my dream and when opportunities come around, you have to go for them and that is what I plan on doing. I am blessed to go to college at Greenville College because there are always opportunities for music and this semester I am returning to Rock Ensemble and for the people who do not know what that is it is a class and you get together with other musicians and you form this band for the full semester and you perform once a week and it is an amazing opportunity for me to do what I love and basically have it count towards college credit. I loved this class my freshmen year and I have wanted to take it again for the the longest time and I thought why not now, so after 4 semesters away I am returning to where I found confidence in my performing aspect as a musician and I cannot wait. What I hope to achieve this year with my music is to start writing my own music. I have been writing lyrics for years now and I have never had the knowledge before this year to actually put music to them. I have the melodies in my head, but now with my new knowledge of piano playing I can finally start making my own music come to life and I cannot wait to start sharing that side of my talent. When it comes to genres I love music, music is something that is really important to me and choosing a specific genre of music to stick with has been difficult for me and that is why my Youtube covers range from R&B music to Country music and then rounds it way to Pop. I know that it is important to know who you are as an artist and I honestly just want my music to reflect who I am and also connect with other people and hope that it inspires them and moves them. This year I am going to start finding who I am as an artist and that means finding where I belong in the music industry and that means finding my genre that I fit in. Along with that I have a few covers already in mind for the new year and I cannot wait to put my own stamp on these songs, with that being said I also hope to get together with some of my incredibly talented friends and do some collaborations that I hope can work out. This has been an amazing year for me music wise and I cannot wait to show y’all what more I have to offer and I cannot wait to dive right back into music this year.

When it comes to life and what this year has shown me it has been a ride. Ups and downs, but overall the good has overcome the bad. I can cross off my first internship on my list. I was able to intern at an amazing counseling place called Mosaic Unlimited under the wing of Renee Keller and she taught me a lot about the counseling and social work business. Social Work is my major in college right now with a minor in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and people are surprised when I tell them that because they just expect me to be majoring in music, but that is for a different time. But I got to see the ins and outs of the world I want to be in professionally especially if music does not work out for me. I love helping people, that is what I am passionate about and I thought this was a way that I could do something important in the lives of others. I got to learn so much about the world of counseling and how I can be the best and on my A game every time with clients and dealing with the business side as well. After interning at this place I realized that I chose the right career path and I cannot wait to see what else is coming my way this semester. Over the Christmas break I am currently on I will be shadowing a high school social worker from my old high school so I am really excited about returning to my Alma Mater and seeing another side of the world of social work.

Along with the work side, I also had fun. I got to see my old high school dance team win at State back in February and that was an amazing experience to see and just be a part of. I got to witness some close friends graduate from high school and college, some of them have been childhood friends and that was just an amazing experience to witness it. I got to see Raelynn, Cole Swindell, The Swon Brothers, and Chase Rice in concert with two great people who I am glad to call friends and I hope to grow in those friendships. I achieved my first 4.0 for a semester and had the amazing honor of being on Dean’s List, which has NEVER happened and I am so thankful and blessed that my hard work is paying off. I got to see a friend/mentor from my freshmen year of college get married to the girl of his dreams. I had the honor of returning to my role on Vespers Cabinet (a weekly student led worship night) and have been blessed by an amazing staff that I get to led and just be a part of. I have done two Urban Plunges where we have done a lot of good work and hopefully made differences in others lives around the St. Louis area. I was blessed to have been on the Without Ceasing planning board and have been blessed with an amazing job on campus. I have had the absolute pleasure of making new friends this semester at college who have really made a difference and an impact in my life. With that being said I also have lost a few friendships that have grown throughout the years and sadly ended this year. It has been hard at times, but that is when I am really blessed and thankful for the people who continue to be in my life and show me that life is going to be okay and that they are caring and always there for me because they are true friends who I cannot thank enough. I have a nice mix of age differences when it comes to my friends and some are constantly showing me just how wise someone can be when they sit down with you and just talk about life or how much fun it can be to stay up til 3 in the morning going to Walmart and digging through $5 movie bins for an hour or just constantly showing me what it is to show others grace.

I don’t know what 2015 has in store for me, but I know I want to make it count. I want to make this year worth every minute and I want to do good. I know I have a lot more to learn in this life and I know that it is important to not take everything so seriously all the time, but to enjoy and be in the moment because you cannot get these years back, especially when you are in college. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and has challenged me this year and just in my life because I am where I am because of God and y’all. I wish I could tell you each individually how much y’all have impacted my life, but I hope you know y’all mean the world to me and I seriously cannot thank y’all enough. Here is to making 2015 the best year yet.


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