Carrie Underwood and I? #IsThisRealLife


Hey Y’all.

It’s been just four days since this whole experience with Carrie Underwood happened and honestly, I still do not know how to wrap my mind around it. I still feel like I am in a dream. Or as Carrie Underwood may say, “This is “just a dream” (Song reference if anyone did not get it). I thought writing a blog would be the best way for me to put all the thoughts and emotions that are in my brain into words and really express wholeheartedly my gratitude and appreciation of this whole experience. I feel that I should start from the beginning, where it all began. Especially for those who have not heard, and even if you have heard this is the whole story.

So the last week of June I saw on Carrie Underwood’s Facebook page a post about covering a 30 second version of her newest #1 hit, “Little Toy Guns” and people could submit their cover on any social media site by using a hashtag (#LTGCarrieokie). Now usually anytime that I see a contest or something like this I spend hours, even days to make sure I have “the best” video out there, but time and time again I would get my hopes up and I would never go very far. So this time I literally spent about 5 minutes tops on making this video submission and honestly I just thought it would just be fun “this time”, especially because I have looked up to Carrie Underwood so much ever since her time on American Idol and especially as a singer myself, she is such a great role model and I am grateful for everything she stands for. So once I was done recording my cover, I submitted it and wished, “don’t forget to remember me” Carrie Underwood when you go through these submissions. On Saturday I noticed that my video was up to 500 views and for me that is beyond amazing. I am usually lucky if my videos on Youtube get up to 100 views. So when I saw that number I was “blown away”. On Monday when it rolled around it was about 8:00pm when I decided I was going to be square and get ready for bed, just because I was so tired from all I was doing that day. But something told me to check Facebook one last time and I did and next thing you know I was “flat on the floor” because in my notification inbox it said “Carrie Underwood shared your video” and if I am going to be completely honest I thought it was fake, I thought it was either a scam or a glitch. So I go to her Facebook page and there I was, my video was on her page! I seriously did not even know what to think because I was like “look at me” I am on Carrie Underwood’s Facebook page. I thought this was one of those “crazy dreams” I always have because nothing like this has ever happened to me, but as I kept looking at the screen I thought “this time” it was me, it was my name and I was the one Carrie Underwood chose even though I thought “I know you won’t” probably ever see this, but she did see it and she liked it enough to post on her Facebook wall.

It just started taking over my Facebook notifications, it was just blowing up and next thing I knew my 500 views turned into 30,000 views and it just kept growing and growing and growing within minutes. Comments, likes, and shares just kept coming in and I seriously did not know what to think, heck I still do not know what to think! People just were loving it and sending me comments that just boosted my confidence and gave me this “strength” of maybe music is not a wrong choice for me. After auditioning in the past for American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and The X Factor and never making it past the producers rounds it really took a toll on me because all I wanted to do was impress these people so I could finally live out my dream and then they shut ya down. After a while I just started thinking, why do I keep doing this if all it does is bring me down audition after audition? When instead I should have looked at this as a test to make me stronger for when something finally does happen. At least that is what I feel looking back on it now, back then it would have been easy to just give up trying, but “what can I say” Lord knows, that He and my mom never raised a “quitter”. This whole experience has given me the confidence boost I needed, I have known for years that music will be an important part of my life and that I want a career in music and this is just a step forward in making that happen. I know I have a lot of hard work that needs to be put in and I need to start focusing on writing my own music and being grounded in making this happen. This experience has given me something I never had before and that is a platform, people know who I am now. That is CRAZY?!?!? But so cool at the same time.

As of today (July 2, 2015) my video of “Little Toy Guns” is up to 57,581 views and that is just so amazing and I cannot believe it. Something that people keep telling me is “you deserve this” and that is something that I have been thinking a lot about. Because do we ever really deserve anything we get? I have been working hard to get to this point in my life and yet I think about every other musician out there who have put so much more time and effort into making music their livelihoods to live off of and I still have to think why is this happening to me? I believe that it is important to stay humble and to be appreciative of everything that comes my way because it can be easily taken away and I want to make sure that through everything I do it brings glory to God and I am very blessed that this has happened to me, so I am definitely not someone who expected or deserves this praise that has been given to me because I would not have been given this gift of music or this gift of life without God and it just makes me very appreciative of everything. As Carrie Underwood once sang, “even hearts like mine get lucky sometimes” and this time it is finally happening. I want to take this time to thank everyone who has watched this video, everyone who has shared this video, everyone who has commented (positive AND negative comments because critiques help you grow and I am wanting to learn and grow and just soak up everything I can, plus what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger), everyone who has liked this video, and most definitely I would like to thank Carrie Underwood and Arista Nashville who manage and operate her Facebook page. I hope to have the honor of meeting you and maybe even perform with you one day, Carrie Underwood. I want to thank you for being such a musical influence in my life and I cannot thank you enough for this honor you have blessed me with.

Seriously y’all this has been so incredible and amazing and I still cannot believe it, I feel like it is a mistake or that someone is going to wake me up and then it will all just be a dream. But, it is real and I am really thankful and blessed by this whole experience, I am honestly overwhelmed by it all and I have cried once or twice. But really, I just want to thank y’all again because I would not be where I am without y’alls love and support, especially those who have been by my side through all the years I have been chasing this dream. We are finally on our way and I cannot wait to see where I will end up. Like Carrie Underwood says, “sometimes even crazy dreams come true.” 



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